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Accordi di Spanish train di Deburgh Chris
Accordi chitarra crd lyrics tab spartiti chords testo tablature per Deburgh Chris Spanish train (no suoneria cellulare telefonino)
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[Dm] [Em] [Dm] [C] [Dm] [C] [Dm] [Em]
[Dm] [Em] [Dm] [C] [Dm] [C] [Dm] [Em]
[Dm]There's a Spanish train that runs between [Bb]Quadelquidir and old Seville
and at [C]dead of night the whistle blows and people [A7]hear she's running [Dm]still.
And then they [Dm]hush their children back to sleep,
[Bb]lock the doors upstairs they creep,
for [C]it is said that the souls of the dead fill up the [A7]train, ten thousand [Dm]deep.
Well a [Dm]railway-man lay dying with his [Bb]people [C]by his [Dm]side.
His family were crying knelt in [Bb]prayer before he [A7]died,
But ab[Bb]ove his head just w[C]aiting for the dead
was the d[A7]evil with a twinkle in his [Dm]eye,
Well, [Bb]God's not around look w[C]hat I've found? This one's [Dm]mine!
Just then the Lord himself appeared in a b[Bb]urning f[C]lash of l[Dm]ight.
And shouted at the devil, get thee h[Bb]ence to e[A7]ndless night.
But the d[Bb]evil just grinned and said I [C]may have sinned
but there's [Am]no need to push me [Dm]around,
I [Bb]got here first so you can [C]do your worst,
he's going under g[Dm]round.
Well I [Dm]think I give you one more chance said the d[Bb]evil [C] with a [Dm]smile,
so t[Dm]hrow away that stupid lance. It's r[Bb]eally not your s[A7]tyle.
J[Bb]oker is the name, p[C]oker is the game, we'll [A7]play right here on this [Bb]bed.

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