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Toto's Africa Solo By Steve Lukather
Tabbed By Rich Kucera
X~ == very expressive vibrato involving whole step
[b] == indicates the note is pre-bent, probably
from the fret of the previous note. There
are a few articulations done by bending
like a sitar player instead of fretting.
This is a solo in a G minor blues pentatonic, with
the added 6th replacing the 7th sometimes(the BB King
"sweet" sounding blues scale). Lukather doesn't
seem to mess around with the flatted 5th at all.
He stays "inside" the whole time, apart from splashing
in a descending passing flatted 9th following a
descending passing major third. He plays the centerpiece
lick on the basic minor scale with the flatted third
and flatted seventh, and this corresponds to overlaying
the second major solo pattern in the same place as the
first G-minor pentatonic(this was news to me, I always
thought it was the sixth pattern that overlaid the
first minor pentatonic). If you think in modes, I
guess this is the same as overlaying the G Dorian

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